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Thanksgiving Reading

Turkey trivia

 *Run up to 25 MPH on the ground
 *Have excellent hearing but no ears
 *Have a poor sense of smell
 *Can see in color
 *Have a 270 degree field of vision, making them difficult to sneak up on
 *Sometimes sleep in trees
 *A cranberry must bounce 4 inches before it is harvested
*95% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
*The first Thanksgiving Day was in the fall of 1621 and lasted 3 days
*Mature turkeys have 3,500 or so feathers
*The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds
Scientists have found turkey fossils that are 10 million years old

Tongue twisters are funny, hard words to say.  They are a good way to help you with your reading and speech.  See how fast you can say these!


Greedy gobblers grabbed the gravy
Chef chopped cheese chunks cheerfully
Peter Pilgrim picked pretty plump pumpkins
Ten tricky two-toed turkeys trotted on the table

Thanksgiving turkeys taste terrific

Patty Potter praised Peggy's pumpkin pie