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You’ll Need

* 1 Cup Plaster of Paris
* 1 Cup Water
* Powdered Tempera Paint
* Toilet paper Rolls

Mix the Plaster of Paris with the water. Add the powdered tempera paint in the color of your choice. You can also divide the plaster mixture into several containers and color each one with a different color paint.

Let it sit for a few minutes. Stand up the toilet paper rolls and pour your plaster into them. These will be your molds for the chalk. Set them aside and let the mixture dry for at least 24 hrs. Once the mixture is dry, remove the cardboard roll. If the chalk still seems moist, let it dry for another 24 hrs.

Use like any sidewalk chalk.

Mix a bag of colored sand with the regular sand

A bell
A bean bag
Practice hitting the bell with the bean bag


Two teams, standing side by side, holding hands

One side starts by picking a person on the opposing team and saying "Red Rover, Red Rover we dare "someone's name" to come over.

The person named then runs toward the other team trying to break the chain. 

If he breaks the chain, he takes one of the team members back to his own team with him

If he fails to break the chain he then becomes part of that team.

Each team continues until children are all on one team.


Start off with a tennis ball and throw back and forth until somebody drops the ball. 

When someone drops it you say  "Down on one knee".

When someone drops the ball a second time, you say "Down, down on two knees"
If the ball is dropped the third time you say "Down, down on one elbow"
And again, "Down, down on two elbows
And if again, "Down, down on your chin"

But the fun part of the game is:  You have to stay in the position you're in to catch the ball and throw the ball


The last person to get on the swing set is "IT"
"IT" has to tag another player without touching the ground, and if one of the other players touch the ground while trying to get away from "IT" he/she is the new "IT"