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Christmas SS

Christmas Parties
When invited to a party, always RSVP, which means call to say you can or cannot go

Christmas cards
It is always fun to send and receive Christmas cards, and we have some FREE cards to print, color and send.




Do you know your Christmas manners?
Here are some things to remember

When you open a gift that you don't really like, say THANK YOU anyhow.  

Dress your best, this is the time to shine.  No ripped up jeans, sloppy shirts.  Holidays are special times

If you are shopping with your Mom or Dad, it is very good manners to hold the door for someone

If you are going out to a restaurant for dinner, talk in a softer voice and say thank you to those who bring your food

thank you notes should be written by hand, not on the computer.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

“Aunt Sarah, I am going to wear the sweater you knitted for me my first day back at school.  Thank you" 

“Thank you for the gift card you gave me.  I am going to buy games with it.